Happy Ol’ McWeasel

Happy Ol’ McWeasel is a Slovenian folk punk band formed in 2007. Since then, the band has established itself as one of Slovenia’s hottest and biggest acts with around 300 gigs on the biggest Slovenian and many other European stages and festivals.

The band has released two playful, sarcastic, yet socially aware albums “No Offence” (2012) and “Heard Ya Say” (2015) with a distinctive high-octane and sincere street punk-rock “Weasel” sound. Both albums have been widely accepted in Slovenia and elsewhere in the world and selected as the top albums of the genre in a variety of magazines, blogs and fanzines.

In 2014 Happy Ol’ McWeasel signed a contract with the Japanese label Uncle Owen which launched both albums on the Japanese branch of the Tower Records. Later that year, their interpretation of »Danny Boy« lands a guest appearance (as a soundtrack) on the American CBS TV show »The Crazy Ones«, starring Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Wolk.

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